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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SpazamG?

SpazamG is a new brand of topical product released by Ascend Research Corp in the Athlete's Gold product line.

What is Athlete's Gold?

Athlete's Gold is SpazamG's new product line.

Are Athlete's Gold's SpazamG products natural?

They are approximately 99% natural.

Is Athlete's Gold safe?

Athlete's Gold products can be used by adults and children. Certain products have minimum age limitations due to active ingredients. Consult labels of specific products, or contact us for pre-purchase questions when buying online.

Who can use Athlete's Gold products?

Athlete's Gold products are formulated for the active world of athletics, military, etc., but can be used by active individuals or the ordinary person.

Does SpazamG have any odor?

SpazamG dries odorless.

Can SpazamG Cramp and Muscle Pain Relief really help with my muscle aches and pains?

SpazamG Cramp and Muscle Pain Relief uses the proven ingredient of capsaicin to provide the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints. Capsaicin has also proven effective for temporary pain relief of sprains and strains, simple backache and even arthritis. Muscle Pain Relief is an OTC product.

Is the bottle easy to bring with me?

Yes. The SpazamG 2oz. Gel "tottle" bottle can easily be placed in a gym bag, coat, or locker. The belt loop design on the top also allows it to be attached to a belt or backpack for easy on-the-go access. Because it travels well, pain relief is easily within reach wherever your travels take you.

Do any Athlete's Gold products contain Parabens?


Do any Athlete's Gold products contain EDTA?


Do any Athlete's Gold products contain Glycols?


Do Athlete's Gold products clean your skin?

No. We suggest soap and water be the primary cleanser. See links.

When is the best time to apply SpazamG Cramp and Muscle Pain Relief?

Before, during or after workouts, as needed. Or at the first sign of discomfort such as the beginning of a cramp.

How fast does Muscle Pain Relief work?

It depends on how quickly it is applied. If applied at the beginning of a problem it is faster. If applied once the problem is at its maximum it takes slightly longer.

Who has used Athlete's Gold product?

During its initial development, through today (including the original product), it has been used by the US Olympic team, professional football players, professional baseball players, college football teams, college track teams, high school and middle school teams,long distance cyclists, medical surgeons and doctors as well as ordinary folks.

Who helped Ascend Research Corp. develop the Athlete's Gold product line?

All of the above and several chemists with PhDs.

How often can I apply Athlete's Gold products?

Each product is different. Please refer to the label of the individual label for that info.

Are Athlete's Gold products patented?

Yes Spazamg Athlete's Gold is a Patented Formula.

Does SpazamG manufacture Athlete's Gold products themselves?

The SpazamG products are manufactured by a FDA compliant and registered manufacturer utilizing current and good manufacturing practices.

What is the FDA's stance on hand sanitizer claims?

What is the FDA's stance on antibacterial soaps?

What does Web MD have to report on antibacterial soap vs soap and water?

What does Web MD have to report on Capsaicin?


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